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Host an extra special Zoo themed Birthday Party with the Education Department’s Party Animals.  Have a terrific party for your child either at your home, a special location, or here at the County Park.  All Birthday Party Programs will include a tee shirt for the birthday child and a plush animal.  Parties held here at Cape May County Park Central will need a pavilion rental. Book early and choose one conveniently located near our immense playground for extra party fun. Parties are available at 12:30 in the afternoon, daily. Special arrangements can be made with proper planning and notice. Please contact our office if you wish to request a different party time.

     Cost:  $100  ~   This program offers a "meet and greet" with three animals from our petting zoo (domestic animals only: chicken, bunnies, guinea pigs, *goat).

     Cost:  $200   ~  This program will include a presentation on a specific theme chosen by the party host, (including at least three animals), and a variety of artifacts for audience participation. Your child and their friends will have the opportunity to interact with our Education Animals and explore a "Please Touch" station with extraordinary animal artifacts.
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Party Themes for Option 2

  •     Miles and Miles of Reptiles
    In this program we will explore the scales, slime, and all the many features that make reptiles great! Program animals may include: Lizard, Iguana, Snake, Turtle, and/or Alligator.
  •     If I Ran the Rain Forest
    In this program we will explore the four layers of the rain forest and how each layer is home to some special animals! Program animals may include: Bird, Snake, Toad, Bug, Cavy, and/or Alligator.
  •     Animals Around the World
    Come take a trip with us around the world and discover where our animals come from. This program explores the diverse habitats of our planet and the animals that live within them. Learn how certain animals are well suited to live in particular areas. Program animals may include: Skink, Cavy, Snake, Iguana, Chinchilla, and/or Alligator.
  •     My BIG Backyard
    This popular program explores the lives of the creatures living in our own backyards. Meet some of the common animals that we may (or may not) encounter every day. Program animals include: Skunk, Opossum, Chipmunk, Rabbit, Snake, Chicken, and/or *Goat.
  •     Creatures of the Night
    Have you ever wondered what animals come out once the sun goes down? This program explains why certain animals are highly active at night, and all their special features that make them the rulers of the dark. Program animals may include: Opossum, Hedgehog, Skunk, Barn Owl, and/or Chinchilla.
Travel fees are $1 per mile each way for all locations out of Cape May County.
Travel distance must not be more than 1 hours time or 60 miles from the Zoo.
Not sure if your too far away . . . just give us a call. (609) 465-6832

Wish to bring a Bounce House or other party entertainment inflatable onto Park grounds?
You will need to complete this form and submit it to the Administration Office. INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT

Please note your date must be booked at least 7 days in advance and must be confirmed with the Education Department to insure there is no conflict in scheduling. Please call (609) 465-5271 for more information or to check on available dates.

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