NJ Division of Criminal Justice: CODIS

CODIS and the NJ DNA Collection Program​​

​DATE:  Thursday January 16, 2020
​​TIME:    10:00AM to 12:00PM
​​Location: Cape May County Police Academy​                 
​                  171 Crest Haven Road
​                  Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

An overview of CODIS and the New Jersey DNA collection program.  This two-hour class will bring attendees completely up to date with when and how DNA collection is required in New Jersey.  The course will cover the following information:

 *Overview of the NJ and national CODIS programs and how they can help your agency
​ ​* The four times DNA collection is required in New Jersey
​ * Why CODIS and DNA collection should be a consideration during every arrest  ​
​ *Demonstration on how to collect a DNA sample  ​
​ *Four ways to research if an offender’s DNA is already in the CODIS database  ​
​  *What to do when your agency receives a DNA hit letter ​
​  *Updates on procedures and protocols

Registration is required

To register, go to the following link for the online registration system:  


​If you have any questions, please contact our training coordinator  Lillian Dutton at (609) 376-2369 or duttonl@njdcj.org