1. Attractions

    The Jersey Cape is more than just 30 miles of pristine beaches. Visitors come to the Cape because of our white sandy beaches, warm gentle surf and cool ocean breezes, but our diversity is what keeps them returning year after year.

  2. Beach Accessibility Guide (PDF)

    Look through the improvements we have made to the insure beach accessibility for everyone.

  3. Business Directory

    Browse through local businesses and organizations that operate in the area.

  4. Community Events

    Find upcoming community and department events to participate in.

  5. Community News

    Stay up-to-date on current organizational news and announcements.

  6. Community Voice

    Interact with your government and with other citizens by suggesting initiatives, posting ideas, and participating in conversations around community proposals.

  7. Historic Sites

    Read the history of Cape May about Indians, Explorers and Pirates.

  8. Initiatives & Programs

    Find a list of initiatives and programs the Family and Community Health Sciences Department offers.

  9. Jersey Cape Video

    Watch an informative video of the Jersey Cape to learn about some places to visit and a brief history.

  10. Cape May County Museum

    Visit the Cape May County Museum and Genealogical Society

  11. Nature Sites

    Enjoy the outdoors by visiting one of Cape May's nature sites.

  12. Parks & Facilities

    View available parks, facilities, and their amenities.

  13. Program Guide (PDF)

    Read through the 2013 Cape May County Open Space Program Guide to find out the details of the project, if you are eligible, the review process, and approval.

  14. Park/Zoo

    Come visit the Cape May County Zoo, we are open year round and have several activities and programs you and your kids can participate in.

  15. Photo Journal

    Browse through numerous photo galleries depicting people, places, and events all around Cape May County.

  16. Points of Interest

    You can find activities to do both inside and outside while you visit the Jersey Cape.

  17. Report a Concern

    Submit concerns, complaints, and problems to the organization.

  18. Towns

    View a list of the Towns in Cape May County and a brief description about each of them with a map included.

  19. Water Quality Management Plan

    View a list of the Wastewater Service Area Maps, the date of approval, and the form of approval.

  20. Visit The Jersey Cape