Records Workshops

Records Management 101
Records Management 101 (PPT) provides an introduction to the Records Management Program implemented by the county of Cape May NJ. This 1 hour workshop presents an overview of the county's Records Management Policies and Procedures, along with a step-by-step guide to the records disposition processes in place for county records.

Introduction to the RIM Program
  • Overview of the Records Management Life Cycle
    • RIM Goals for Retrospective Records
    • The RIM Authorization Process for Destruction
  • RIM Review of Departmental Requests
    • Counsel Review
    • Auditor Approval
    • DARM Approval
    • Records Removal and Destruction
    • Closing a Records Destruction Request
  • How to Prepare Records for Destruction
    • Identifying Records Eligible for Destruction (Using the Records Retention Schedule)
    • Checking for Consistency
    • Indexing
    • Boxing and Labeling
    • Completing the Request for Records Destruction
    • Verifying Records Destruction
  • Transferring Records to Storage
    • Identifying Records for Transfer
    • Checking for Consistency
    • Indexing, Boxing, and Labeling
    • The Records Storage Center Inventory
  • Retrieval of Records at Records Storage Center
    • Identifying with Records are needed
    • Completing Records Retrieval Form according to Box Report
    • Method of retrieval
    • Returning Records to Record Storage Center
  • Review of Records Management Documents
  • Q and A