Records Transfer

Transfer Checklist
  • Determine the records for transfer
  • Check the box for consistency; and rebox if needed
  • Assign the box a number
  • Create an index, make 2 copies. Place 1 copy in the box, and the other in the RIM binder
  • Fill out the transfer form (If the form can not be displayed please download the Formatta Filler)
  • Forward to DN 109 - Record Storage Center or email
  • RSC will interoffice box labels and a new box report to the Departmental Coordinator
  • Place the labels on the box and add the box report to RIM binder
  • The Records Storage Center will place a work order for F&S to remove the boxes
  • The Departmental Coordinator verifies the box removal
  • Records Storage Center staff receives boxes and verifies them

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