Fees for Environmental Services

Payment Information

Fees for permits and services provided by the Environmental Services Division are to be submitted to:
Cape May County Department of Health
4 Moore Road
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

Accepted Payment Types

The following payment types are acceptable:
  • Cash
  • Check (make payable to "County of Cape May")
  • Master Card
  • Money orders
  • Visa
Please reference your invoice or account number when making a payment.

Permit & Service Fees

Body Art $150 Body Piercing Shop Inspection
Body Art $100 Re-Inspection of Body Piercing Shop
Body Art $200 Temporary Body Piercing/Tattoo Shop
Campgrounds $200 Campground Inspections
Campgrounds $100 Re-Inspection of Campground
Kennels $100 Kennel, Pound, Shelter Inspection, Animal Control Vehicles
Kennels $50 Re-Inspection of Kennel, Pound, Shelter
Pools $50 Public Recreational Pool (1st Pool)
Pools $35 Public Recreational Pool (Additional)
Pools $25 Re-Inspection of Public Recreational Pool
Retail Food $35 Y-R Food Establishment (25 Seat or Less)
Retail Food $35 Seasonal Food Establishment (25 Seat or Less)
Retail Food $60 Y-R Food Establishment (Under 100 Seats)
Retail Food $60 Seasonal Food Establishment (Under 100 Seats)
Retail Food $85 Y-R Food Establishment (Over 100 Seats)
Retail Food $85 Seasonal Food Establishment (Over 100 Seats)
Retail Food $25 Temporary Food Inspection (Festivals)
Retail Food $100 Re-Inspection of Food Establishment
Retail Food $100 Review of Kitchen Floor Plans
Septic/Wells $100 Residential Septic Application
Septic/Wells $125 Commercial Septic Application
Septic/Wells $100 Witnessing Soil Boring and Percolation Test
Septic/Wells $100 County Well Application
Septic/Wells $50 Review of Revised Plans Residential and Commercial
Septic/Wells $50 Repair, Alteration, of Existing Septic system
Septic/Wells $75 Renewal of Residential Septic Application
Septic/Wells $100 Renewal of Commercial Septic Application
Septic/Wells $50 Water Certification without Volatile Organic Scan
Water Testing $25 Bacteria Water Test
Water Testing $25 Nitrate, Nitrite Water Test
Water Testing $20 PH Water Test
Water Testing $25 Chloride Water Test
Water Testing $25 Sodium Water Test
Water Testing $25 Iron Water Test
Water Testing $25 Manganese Water Test
Water Testing $145 Package Water Test (Bacteria, Nitrate, pH, Iron, Manganese, Chloride, Sodium)
Water Testing $200 Volatile Organic Scan Water Test
Water Testing $40 Mercury Water Test
Water Testing $20 Suspended Solids Water Test
Water Testing $15 Alkalinity Water Test
Water Testing $25 Ammonia (Distilled) Water Test
Water Testing $25 Copper Water Test
Water Testing $65 Gross Alpha (Sent out)
Water Testing $25 Hardness/TDS Water Test
Water Testing $25 Kjeldahl Nitrogen Water Test
Water Testing $30 Lead Water Test
Water Testing $400 New Well Construction Water Test (PWTA, Nitrate, Chloride, TDS, Sodium)
Water Testing $385 PWTA (Iron, Manganese, Lead, Mercury, pH, Bacti,
Volatile Organic Scan)
Water Testing $25 Sulfate Water Test
Water Testing $25 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
Water Testing $25 Total Phosphate Water Test (TP04)
Water Testing $50 Water Certification with Volatile Organic Scan
Other N/A
Air Penalty
Other N/A
Noise Penalty
Other N/A
Solid Waste Penalty
Other N/A
Water Penalty
Other $75 PWTA Collection Fee