Individualized Education Program Meeting

  • Student, it appropriate;
  • Parent;
  • Regular education teacher (to the extent appropriate), if the student is or will be participating in regular education;
  • Special education teacher (or special education provider where appropriate);
  • At least 1 child study team member;
  • Case manager;
  • School district representative;
  • Others at the discretion of the parent or school district; and
  • If transition will be discussed at the individualized education program (IEP) meeting, a representative of any other agency likely to provide or pay for services.
You have the right to:
  • Bring copies of your child's IEP;
  • Bring others with you to the meetings;
  • Tape record IEP meetings;
  • Have the IEP implemented within 90 days of the school's receipt of your consent for the 1st evaluation;
  • Have the IEP implemented as soon as possible following an IEP meeting;
  • Have the IEP reviewed at least annually; and
  • Have extended school year services considered.