Work Order Instructions

Online Work Order Request Procedures
  1. Select New Work Request
  2. Fill in Property Number: (Example: 155-0001 Cape May County Administration Building)
  3. Select Asset: Designate a room number / location for services to be provided or type of equipment for maintenance or entire building/department.
  4. Select 1 of the following service categories:
    • Construction: New construction and renovations.
    • Painting: Managed under the Construction Department.
    • Masonry: Managed under the Construction Department.
    • Events: Setup of chairs, tables, refreshments and equipment for indoor or outdoor events.
    • Electrical: Basic electrical maintenance. Loss of power, exposed wires etc.
    • Grounds: Lawn care, tree trimming, snow removal and overall landscaping services. Parking lots and driveways.
    • Heating and Air (Temperature Issues): Adjust heating or cooling. Repair and replace HVAC equipment.
    • Housekeeping: Offices are cleaned on a regular basis. Submit requests for upholstery or other special cleaning services, including floors and carpets. Facilities staff provides daily trash removal and recycling bins for offices and outdoor sites. Our recycling program targets multiple paper types, bottles, toner cartridges, computer monitors, and more.
    • Keys and Locks: Request room and building keys or lock changes through online forms.
    • Maintenance (Repairs and Installations): Building and equipment repairs or installations. Including Lighting, ceiling tiles, window blinds and outside contractors.
    • Moving: Requests to arrange for office furniture moves within or between buildings. Any items removed for disposal. Includes paper shredding services.
    • Pest Control: Facilities staff arranges for the removal of pests in buildings.
    • Plumbing: Basic plumbing maintenance, clogged sinks and toilets. Leaking water.
    • Fire and Safety Services: State and local fire inspections. ADA and OSHA compliance. All safety related services, inspections and maintenance. Including fire alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, air quality and signage.
    • Supply: Requests for supplies provided and warehoused by Facilities and Services for other Cape May County Departments.
    • Auction: County auction services.
Please request/submit 1 work order per request. Status updates and work request tracking can be accomplished online or by contacting the Facilities and Services at 609-465-1295. Please include your email address as this is used to track your request.