Document Recording

The Cape May County Clerk's Office records or files more than 165 different types of documents, most of which are related to real property transactions in the county. 

Always consult a licensed New Jersey attorney whenever you are contemplating the recording of a document which affects real property ownership. The Cape May County Clerk's Office may not provide legal advice or prepare legal documents.


Submitters may establish accounts for e-Recording real property documents with the Cape May County Clerk via the New Jersey Recording Portal,

The Cape May County Clerk also accepts documents submitted via e-Recording fee for service vendors Simplifile, or Corporation Service Company,

The Recorders Document Reference Manual 
The Constitutional Officers of New Jersey offers a comprehensive recording manual entitled "The Recorders Document Reference Manual." The manual lists recording requirements including statutory references, New Jersey Realty Transfer Tax calculations, recording fees, explanation of acknowledgments and a glossary of terms.