Human Services
SNAP benefits reduction flyer 8-29-17

FAMILY CARE (click here to apply online)

NJ FamilyCare is not a welfare program, but rather the State of New Jersey's way of providing affordable health coverage for kids and certain low-income parents who does not have available or affordable employer insurance, and can not afford to pay the high cost of private health insurance.

SENIOR SERVICES (click here to apply online)

Aged, Blind and Disabled (ABD) programs are for those 65+ or who are disabled. It may provide both community and long term care including short-term rehabilitation and nursing home care.

NJ SNAP (click here to apply online)

The New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (NJ SNAP), formerly food stamps, helps low-income people buy food they need for good health. Although it is a federal government program, it is run by state or local agencies.

WFNJ-TANF (click here to apply online)

Work First New Jersey – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (WFNJ-TANF) provides temporary cash assistance and many other support services to families. 

GENERAL ASSISTANCE (click here to apply online)

Work First New Jersey – General Assistance (WFNJ-GA) program provides assistance to individuals and couples without children.


WFNJ clients maybe eligible for benefits if they are homeless or at immediate risk of becoming homeless or have experienced a substantial loss of housing, food, clothing etc due to fire, flood or similar disasters.

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