Zoo Camp

Click here to get to the Log In/Create Account area. If you already have an existing CMC P&Z account you may log-in using your email address and password from last year.

Helpful Tips for a Successful Zoo Camp Registration

  • For registration purposes, please use a desktop or laptop. We do not recommend using your smart phone.
  • Create a CMC P&Z Account or Log-in to an existing account.
  • Check to make sure all the children you will be registering are listed correctly on your account. 
  • Please read over Zoo Camp Survival Guide as well as our Refund Policy prior to the start of camp. 
  • Make sure the address on your account matches the billing address of the credit card you will be using.
  • Children can move down an age bracket to be with siblings or friends, but they can not move up. For example: a 9 year old can be in the 5-8 year old group, but not the 10-13 year old group. Please contact us if this is something you would like to do.

Zoo Camp Survival Guide 2023

Check out the Zoo Camp Survival Guide 2023 for updated information about Zoo Camp such as what to wear, a typical day, emergency protocols and more.

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What parents say about Zoo Camp

"It’s hard to say. I’ve never seen him so excited on a daily basis. He came home everyday excited about what he’d learned and spouting off facts left and right. He loved being able to actually work up close with so many animals. He’s still talking about camp 2 weeks later!"

"First time and my daughter loved it!! She is definitely doing it again next summer."

 "I want to sincerely thank Cape May Zoo and all of the counselors for giving the kids such a wonderful experience. The camp was run so efficiently and was so organized right from day 1. My son, niece and nephew are hoping that when they get older they can be counselors. They can’t wait until next year!"
 "We love this camp, we've been coming back for years and definitely will be back next year!"

Any questions, comments, concerns please contact our Education Department at 
609-465-6832 or education@cmczoo.com