Ankole Watusi


Ankole Watusi

Latin Name: Bos Taurus Taurus watusi

Other Name: Ankole Longhorn Cattle

Habitat and Range: Originated in Africa now widely distributed for meat.

Captive/ Wild Lifespan: up to 20 years.

Gestation: after 9 months 1 calf is born weighing 30-50 pounds.

Diet: Savannah Grasses and leaves in the Africa

Adaptations: The horns are an adaptation to a hot climate and allowing dispersal of excess body heat.

IUCN Status: Not Listed

Conservation: No threats on populations at this time.

Did you Know: Watusi cattle hold the record for having the largest circumference on their horns. A bull named CT Woodie held the record with 40.75 inches in circumference on his horns.

Here at the CMC Zoo: In our family of 5, we have one cow, Bertha and one bull Jeff. Bertha was born September 1, 2010 and she was acquired from Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. Jeff our bull, was a private donation in 2008 and his birth date is unknown.Three calves joined us in September of 2015 also from a private donation. Although no longer calves, Darla, Spanky and Stymie are now bigger than Jeffrey and Bertha.