Golden Headed Lion Tamarin


Golden Headed Lion Tamarin

Latin Name: Leontopithecus chrysomelas

Habitat and Range: Tropical rain forest in Brazil; arboreal usually to heights of 3-10 meters.

Captive/Wild Lifespan: Almost 30 years

Gestation: Twins are born after about 130 days. With the dominated female and male of the group forming permanent pair bond and mating for life.

Diet: Omnivore– Primarily insects and fungus with occasional birds and lizards.

Adaptations: Their long furry tails act as a balancing pole (just like a tight rope walker).

IUCN Status: Endangered 2008

Conservation: Conservation efforts are focused more on habitat preservation for wild population to maintain themselves.; however a captive breeding program is in place to maintain a healthy gene pool in the event of extinction in the wild. 

Did you Know: The whole family helps care for the newest babies, which will not walk or move on their own for nearly 3 months. All adults and even older children help carry and look after newborns.

Here at the CMC Zoo: Holmstrom and Angelina are our resident GHLT. Holmstrom or Holmes as we call him, was born on April 3, 2003 and came to us in July of 2006. Angelina is a little older being born on May 1, 2002 and came to us in October of 2003. Their keeper says Holms is a little nervous around new people but once he knows you he is very sweet. Angelina does have back leg issues that are being monitored and do cause her to fall from time to time.