Memorials & Tributes

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There are many ways to donate to the Park & Zoo and honor a loved one!


A tree is a recognized symbol of natures’ strength and splendor. People of all ages feel serene, peaceful and tranquil when in the presence of great beauty. Your memorial gift will improve the quality of life within the Cape May County community and leave a long-lasting contribution.

Donating a tree for our Park and Zoo is a wonderful way to celebrate a meaningful milestone, honor and remember a loved one, mark a special occasion or recognize a significant achievement or event.

Six tree species have been researched and selected to specifically enhance our Park & Zoo allowing for diversity, disease and insect resistant, growth time, hardiness, soil conditions and size.  The trees picked for our park project are Emerald City Tulip, Zelkova, London Planetree, River Birch, Scarlet Oak and Pin Oak. All tree trunks will be 2.5” to 3” in diameter and 6’ to 8’ in height upon planting.

Depending on availability you may pick the species of the tree you wish but the location of the tree has been selected by the Parks Director.  Note, for the safety of our animals, some plaques may be placed on the nearest public pathway, rather than next to the tree if the tree is placed inside an animals habitat.

There is also the option of purchasing a memorial bench to be placed by your tree of choice (option not available inside the Zoo) in the Park so that you, your family and the many visitors may sit and rest and enjoy your tree.

With your tree, donors will receive:

  • A certificate from Cape May County with our seal suitable for framing with the details of the person or event being honored, the tree type and the planting location 
  • A plaque that will be placed by the tree with the message of your choosing
  • All trees are guaranteed for five years from the date of planting.  If the tree fails to thrive within five years it will be
     replaced in the next appropriate planting season, free of charge.

Price:   Shade trees (Emerald City Tulip, Zelkova, London Planetree, River Birch, Scarlet Oak and Pin Oak)  $1,000.

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Memorial Benches

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Create a lasting memorial tribute to a loved one or celebrate an anniversary, birthday, graduation or wedding. With memorial and tribute gifts, you can create a living legacy enjoyed by a half million people a year visiting the Cape May County Park and Zoo.
Design your special plaques & benches with up to 4 lines of wording. 26 characters per line, including spaces.

Bench    $1,000.  Bench memorials are placed throughout the Park & Zoo for a 5 year span with an option to renew.

Please Note:  All new benches will be placed in the Park surrounding the Zoo.  
We have no more available spots inside the Zoo for benches.

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