General Information, Rules, and Regulations


All classes are scheduled to start at 8:30AM and end at 4:30PM unless noted in the course listing or specified by the instructor.  Classes are held at the Academy unless otherwise indicated.  Classroom assignments are posted for each class. 

Proper dress for all students is either a department uniform or business casual (collard shirt and dress slacks).  Dress may be modified by request of the instructor.  No jeans, shorts, sweat clothes or tee shirts are permitted. 

Class attendance is required.  No certificate will be issued if more than 10% of a class has been missed.  Any absences will be reported to your department.  If your absence is due to court, sickness, etc., the Academy should be notified.

In-service students are expected to set an example for basic recruits by refraining from using profane, loud, or offensive language while on campus. Officers are not to interfere with any recruit.  All students are expected to treat instructors with courtesy and respect.

Breaks are given according to the instructor.  Classes normally break for lunch at noon, unless otherwise indicated by the instructor.  Cooking in the kitchen area is off limits to all students unless permitted by the Director or Deputy Director. 

Food and beverages are not permitted in the classroom while courses are being conducted.  Newspapers and periodicals not related to the training program are not to be read during class.

Cell phones should be set to the silent mode.  Student messages will be posted on the message board located at the rear of the classroom.

Smoking is not permitted in the buildings.  Smoking is allowed outside all buildings.  Please use the butt cans when disposing your cigarettes. 

Please obey all traffic regulations when entering the Crest Haven Complex.  There are several schools in this complex from grades one through twelve with school bus stops throughout.  Please watch out for children.

The Academy is a Department of Veteran Affairs approved training site and enables recruits in the basic class for police officers to apply for and receive their veteran's educational benefits. 

Get your registrations in early!  This will guarantee a training spot and assist us in planning for classes.  Please forward enrollment forms through fax to (609) 463-0749

Confirmation and invoice information will be emailed to a proper email address provided at time of registration.  Billing information will also be sent through the mail.  Please feel free to call the office to confirm your seat.

Training fees are waived for Cape May County Police Departments unless otherwise noted.  Payments for courses should be made payable to The County of Cape May before the start of the course.  Individual contracted courses listed require registration and payment directly to establishment hosting the course.  All tuition payments are non-refundable once the course has begun.

Certificates will be issued to individuals who successfully complete the course of instruction.  Civilians attending a course must pay the fee prior to the first day of the course; if it is not paid certificates will not be disbursed until payment is received.

The Cape May County Police Academy is located at 171 Crest Haven Road, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210.