The FAAC driving simulator enables the training, development, and testing of driver’s skills including situational awareness, judgment skills, decision making, assessment of environment, low volume, high risk vehicle maneuvering, and multi-tasking.  The FAAC system is compatible with and provides seamless integration with the MILO range simulator which includes the five (5) panel screens, in a 300 degree range theater (the driving simulator and firearms simulator are synched with scenarios that lead into each other). Also available for use in these scenarios are a heavy bag and treadmill mimicking physical exertion of fighting with or running after a suspect. These simulators augment the use of the real vehicle and firearms and reinforces hands-on vehicle operation, decision-making for individual actions or as part of a team involving many different scenario options. The instructor maintains control over the simulations and other real-time variables in both the driving and firearms simulators.  Both simulators provide playback allowing for discussion and reinforcement.  There are more than 60 pre-scripted training exercises available, including a scenario toolbox which gives instructors the freedom to craft a custom exercise based on specific training needs.  The Theater 300 system offers a fully immersive, 5-screen configuration that provides a challenging and realistic training environment including tetherless weapons with realistic recoil and shot effect.  The MILO Range Theater offers many out-of-the box advantages such as ultra-wide field of view, 180 and 300 degree configurations, team training, lethal and less lethal weapon options, lowlight and flashlight training, and trainee action capture video (playback system).  MILO Range includes over 600 High Definition and Standard Definition interactive branching scenarios (instructors are able to affect the outcome of scenarios by selecting alternate branches based on their assessment of the student's overall performance and/or their use of verbal and tactical skills).  Available use of force options include handguns, rifle, pepper gas, baton, and Taser.  

Duty weapons and ammunition are not allowed into the FAAC/MILO room.  Locking storage cabinets are provided for officers if desired.


Half day of training: $250.00 (includes two instructors) Class limit: 5

Full day of training: $500.00 (includes two instructors) Class limit: 10