Construction Projects

Completed Projects

Middle Thorofare Rehabilitation
2020 South State, Inc.
$7.4 million
Townsends Inlet and Grassy Sound Submarine Cable Replacement
2018 Delta Line Construction, Inc.
$1.1 million
Townsends Inlet Spans 1-7 Replacement
2018 Agate Construction, Inc.
$8.7 million
Townsends Inlet Railing Replacement
2018 Thomas Barry Marine Con.
$2.4 million
Townsends Inlet Substructure Repairs
2018 JPC Group, Inc.
2017 Utility Improvements
2017 Diehl Electric, Inc.
Middle Thorofare Bridge Electric Service Modifications
2015 Delta Line Construction
N. Abutment Slope Protection at Middle Thorofare Bridge
2015 Midlantic Construction, LLC
Corsons Inlet & Grassy Sound Substructure Improvements
2015 Midlantic Construction, LLC
$1.3 million
Townsends Inlet Rehab of Bascule and Tollhouse Spans
2013 Mugrose Construction
$4.4 million
Corsons Inlet Bridge Railing Improvements
2011 Thomas Barry Marine Con.
$2.3 million
CMC Bridge Painting Program (TI, GS)
2010 Allied Painting
$4.3 million
Pier 4 Fender Repairs at Townsends Inlet
2009 PKF-Mark III, Inc.
Misc. Structural Repairs at 4 Ocean Drive Bridges
2009 Allied Painting
$1.7 million
Fender Repairs at Grassy Sound Bridge
2009 R. A. Walters & Sons
Recoating Steelwork at Corsons Inlet Bridge
2008 Allied Painting
$1.4 million
Emergency Structural Repairs at Corsons Inlet Bridge
2006 IEW Construction
$1.5 million