Finance and Purchasing

The Department of Finance and Purchasing is responsible for the data to day administration and functions of financing and purchasing for the County of Cape May.  The Department creates a more more efficient county government.

Treasurer’s Office    


The Treasurer’s Office is the keeper of all county funds. It is the responsibility of this office to receive and disburse all the monies coming in and going out of Cape May County and to maintain accurate records of these transactions.

The Treasurer’s Office is also the watch dog of the county budget. It is the duty of this office to make certain that no department overspends its total budget and/or overspends an individual line item within its budget.

The Treasurer’s Office is designed to serve the public by keeping an accurate account and watchful eye on the spending of the taxpayer’s money.

Budget Documents

View the Most Recent Budget (PDF)

View the most recent Audit Report (PDF)

Purchasing Department    

Access the current Purchasing Portal to register and obtain current RFB or RFP opportunities. You must register via the portal to download a package.

Contact Us
Should you have any questions, please contact the Cape May County Purchasing Department by email.

Bid packages and awards for RFBs and RFPs from 2007 through 2011 can be accessed through the Purchasing Portal Archives link above.

Contact Us

  1. Brittany Smith

    County Finance Officer

    Allison Hansen

    Purchasing Agent

    Leonard C. Desiderio

    Commissioner Liaison

    Finance and Purchasing
    4 Moore Road
    DN 103/116

    Phone: 609-465-1170
    Fax: 609-463-0587