School Resource Unit

The School Resource Unit is responsible for the security and protection of the students and staff of four Cape May County Schools which fall under the Cape May County Special Services School District. Officers in this Unit are on campus during all hours which the school is operating year-round. 

A School Resource Officer (SRO) establishes and maintains a close partnership with school administrators in order to provide a safe school environment following guidelines put in place by the State of NJ Board of Education and Office of the Attorney General. 

The SRO is visible within the school community, attends and participates in school functions, Builds working relationships with the school’s staff as well as with student and parent groups. The SRO works to prevent juvenile delinquency through close contact and positive relationships with students. The SRO initiates interaction with students in the classroom and general areas of the school building. Promotes the profession of the law enforcement officer and strives to be a positive role model. In addition, the SRO develops crime prevention programs and conducts security inspections to deter criminal or delinquent activities.

The agency Juvenile Officer is also assigned to this Unit.