Electronic Depositing System for Inmate Accounts

The Cape May County Correctional Center has implemented a commissary accounting system that will permit you to deposit money into an inmate’s account utilizing different methods of payment. A company based in St. Louis, Missouri called Keefe Commissary Network provides this service to the Cape May County Correctional Center.

Deposits can be made daily, weekly or monthly with a $300.00 per day/per inmate account limit. Any balance available on the inmate’s commissary account at the time the inmate is released will be given to the inmate in the form of a prepaid debit card which may be used at ATM’s for cash withdrawal and/or any PIN-based and signature purchases after inmate activation.

In order to make a deposit you must know the inmate’s individual id number or his/her name. There are three methods to deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account:

  1. You may go directly to the company's website at
  2. Call Center: - Call toll free number at 1-866-345-1884 and use any credit/debit card that has the Master Card or Visa Logo.
  3. Automatic Payment Processing Machine: - An ATM type machine is located at the Correctional Center that can accept payments using Master Card, Visa or cash.

We no longer accept money orders for commissary. This system benefits everyone by making it easier for deposits to be made, offer a better tracking of monies received, free up officers time for other important duties and enable us to offset some of the expenses that our taxpayers have to fund for these inmates.

The Correctional Center is only accepting books for either the facility or inmates directly from Barns and Noble. Sources other than Barnes and Noble, such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. will not be given to inmates.