Alternative to Incarceration Program

The Cape May County Sheriff’s Office provides alternative means of incarceration for county sentenced inmates or inmates deemed appropriate to participate in the program by order of the sentencing court Judge.  The Alternative to Incarceration Programs are “out of jail” programs that are intended to minimize the impact of services being provided in the Correctional Center and to assist the inmate with maintaining his/her responsibilities at work and with their families. The programs consist of the Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP), and the Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program (SLAP).

The Sheriff’s Office has full authority and control of who is permitted into the Alternative to Incarceration Programs.  The AIP Administrator, EMP and SLAP Coordinators have authority to authorize the removal of any participant in violation of any of the rules and regulations of these programs.

Electronic Monitoring Program - EMP

The Electronic Monitoring Program allows the participants, under authorization of the court, to live at home, to attend work and support their family. The program is restrictive, setting limitations as to where the individual is permitted to go. The individual may be restricted to their immediate property, or to designated locations such as work.  This program is for inmates that are Cape May County residents only.

To contact the EMP coordinator call 609-463-6420 x4453

Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program - SLAP

The Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program allows the participant to live at home and report to a community service work site one or two days a week, or as designated by the SLAP Coordinator. Only Cape May County sentenced individuals are eligible for this program.

To contact the SLAP coordinator call 609-463-6420 x4452