Equine Profiles

Mount SpeckName: Speck

Breed: Percheron / Quarter Horse Cross

Serving Since: March 2021

Rider: Ofc. Andrew Raniszewski


Mount DodgeRETIRED

Name: Dodge 

Breed: Quarter Horse 

Years of Service: 14

Rider: Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Beisel (Ret.)  



Mount PattyRETIRED

Name: Patty 

Breed: Quarter Horse 

Years of Service: 17

Rider: Captain Tom Bland (Ret.)  

Mount Patty CO Felsing

Rider: Ofc. Dennis Felsing (Ret. Lt. SICPD) 

Years Ridden: 1986 - 1987

Mount Patty CO Bianchino

Rider: Ofc. Anthony Bianchino

Years Ridden: 1985 - 1991



Justice with Officer CooperRETIRED

Name: Justice

Breed: Thoroughbred 

First Horse of the Agency 

Rider: Ofc. Harold Cooper