Tanning Facility Inspection Program

The Environmental Services Department is tasked with conducting inspections at tanning facilities throughout Cape May County.  Various physical complications can arise from frequent and unsupervised use of these tanning facilities such as overexposure to ultraviolet radiation that can cause severe sunburn and eye injury, including cataracts and corneal damage.

Regulations have been put into effect that establish minimum safety and sanitation standards for the operation of tanning facilities in order to protect the health and safety of consumers that patronize these businesses.  All tanning facilities are required to register with the New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services.  Rules cover areas such as patron age requirements, equipment, employee training and record keeping.  

New Jersey Legislature has amended the tanning facilities law (N.J.S.A. 26:D-81). Under the new law, minors under 17 years of age are banned from using tanning beds.  In addition, minors less than 14 years of age are now prohibited from using spray-tanning facilities.  


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