Physical Fitness Preparation Program

In accordance with the New Jersey Police Training Commission mandate, the Cape May County Police Academy has developed a three-week physical preparation program based upon the following findings: 

“Police training academies throughout the State experience a significant candidate dismissal rate due to a candidate’s inability to meet the physical fitness requirements of training. As a result, candidates who failed to prepare physically on their own often comment upon dismissal that the training process is “unfair.” Similarly, police departments that invest in the training of new recruits who are ultimately dismissed from an academy for failing to successfully complete the physical fitness portion of training, may experience a strain on human resources needed to perform essential police duties. To address these issues, the Police Training Commission (PTC) is instituting a “Candidate Physical Fitness Preparation Program” (“Program”). The Program is designed to prepare participants for the physical demands of police training before they enter a police academy. In so doing, participants will be able to gage whether they are capable of successfully completing the physical fitness requirements of police training and to work on the skills they are deficient in prior to paying for and/or attending an academy” (NJ PTC Memorandum, November 29, 2002). 

The program will consist of two sessions per week, totaling six sessions within the program, within the time frame of three weeks. Law enforcement hires shall be given preference and the remaining spots will be opened to individuals interested in a law enforcement career. 

To participate in the volunteer program, individuals must: 

  1. Email Deputy Director Greg Jackson to express interest in the program. Once interest has been expressed, the individual must complete and return an application for the program which will be provided to them. Selection for the program will be determined by the Director, Deputy Director, and academy staff. 
  2. Once the application is received and approved, the participant must:
    1. Complete and return a medical clearance form, supplied by the police academy, signed by a licensed New Jersey certified physician stating the participant is medically cleared to participate in a physical fitness program. 
    2. Complete and return a waiver of liability form as provided by the police academy.  
  3. The participant must be in attendance for the first session, which included a mandatory orientation and an assessment of the participant’s fitness level. If the participant fails to attend this first session, they will not be permitted to participate in the remainder of the program. 
  4. Should, at any time, a participant requires medical attention, the participant will be required to obtain medical clearance by a licensed medical practitioner to participate in future sessions. 

Dates of Program


Session One              Friday, June 30th                      10AM   Program Orientation & Physical Fitness                                                                                                                       Assessment- MANDATORY

Session Two              Monday, July 3rd                       10AM    Physical Training Session 

Session Three        Wednesday, July 5th                     10AM    Physical Training Session 

Session Four             Monday, July 10th                      10AM    Physical Training Session 

Session Five           Wednesday, July 12th                  10AM    Physical Training Session 

Session Six                Monday, July 17th                      10AM    Physical Fitness Assessment


Session One              Monday, November 6th                 10AM Program Orientation & Physical Fitness                                                                                                                              Assessment- MANDATORY

Session Two                  Wednesday, November 8th              10AM Physical Training Session

Session Three               Monday, November 13th                   10AM Physical Training Session

Session Four                Wednesday, November 15th              10AM Physical Training Session

Session Five                  Monday, November 20th                   10AM Physical Training Session

Session Six                  Wednesday, November 22nd              10AM Physical Fitness Assessment                                           

For those interested in the program, please email Deputy Director Jackson at