Disaster Plan

Right now! Today! If your pet does not have identification, have him/her microchipped or tattooed. For added protection, make sure they always have a collar and tag. Identification is vital in any disaster circumstance.

Prepare a disaster kit including copies of your pet’s medical records, several photos and your vet’s phone number as well as any other emergency numbers. Put emergency lost and found numbers in your wallet.

Have Somewhere to Take Your Pet
Most shelters for humans will not accept pets. Therefore, you must have a location to take your animal in case of evacuation or emergency. Are there friends out of the danger zone or a hotel / motel that will accept animals? Don’t wait! Locate a safe haven today.

Please check the county disaster plan and FEMA for suggestions for you and your pet.

Make every effort not to leave your animal. If it’s too dangerous for you, it’s too dangerous for them.

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