Vacation Tips

Vacationing with your companion animal offers special challenges and rewards. Your first priority should be for the safety and comfort of your animal. Even though your best pal wants to be with you, travelling is sometimes difficult for some animals who may be happier at home. Check out pet sitters, kennels or friends that may be able to help out while you're on the road. Some vets offer kenneling services.

Traveling with Animals
Your method of travel will greatly impact your pet. Recent legislation makes air travel safer for your pet. However, the number of animals that can be in a cabin is severely limited. Check ahead of time. Your pet may have to travel as baggage and will need special care. Most buses and trains do not carry animals. Animals in cars need to be in a carrier to prevent accidental loss when you open a window or door. Many states have laws against leaving animals in cars particularly during hot weather.

Check for places that will accept pets along your travel route and at your travel destination. Many fine establishments will welcome your pet.

Moving Your Pet
Make sure you keep your dog on a leash and cat in a carrier when moving from car to room. Once in the room, check all doors and windows. Warn all visitors that you have a pet and to be careful when opening doors and windows. If possible, locate your pet in a room away from any exits.

Comply with the laws of your destination to help other animals to enjoy vacationing in the future.

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