Adoption Stories

Here are just a couple of "Happy Tails" from the last few months! Both humans and pets are happy to have one another.
Meet Jack & Cora

"I have been following your page ever since we adopted Jack and Cora -- brother and sister (Robert and Cora at the Shelter) and we just want to say they are such a great part of our lives! We adopted them when they were little kittens last year and now are almost 1 year old! They are still just as cuddly as the day we adopted.
Photo collage of 2 cats, Robert and Cora
"I highly suggest to all future Kitty Parents to adopt 2. They play together, sleep together, snuggle together and they love having each other as kitty company. They make our lives so happy, thank you for keeping them safe before they came to live with us in their 'furrever' home."

- Donna and Frank (March 2014)
"Just wanted to share an update on Diesel (aka Gene). We adopted him on February 8, 2014, from your shelter. I cannot express in words how amazing Diesel is! He is only 11 months old and I can honestly say he does nothing wrong. The training he received at your shelter is amazing.

"He is the absolute happiest dog I've ever seen. I cannot tell you how in love we are with him. His tail wags constantly! He brings us so much happiness! I promise you he has found his forever home and will be spoiled rotten. He is smothered in kisses daily and loves it.
Photo collage of brown dog
"I believe adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment. I do not believe in getting rid of your pet because you are moving or other lame excuses. Diesel will be with us forever. No matter what life throws at us.

"He is such a wonderful dog! He loves our other 21-month-old lab mix and also loves our cat. He loves people. He just loves everything! He loves car rides, too. He follows me everywhere, even into the shower everyday where he sits in the back of the shower waiting, getting soaked and loving every minute of it.

"So thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Diesel. He is one amazing pup!"

- Angelique (March 2014)