Health Nuisances

During the past 5 years, this department has received over 2,000 complaints, either by written letters or by phone, concerning:

  • Accumulation of trash or debris
  • Insect and rodent activity
  • Ragweed and poison ivy
  • Sewage overflows
  • Substandard housing

Complaints regarding various health nuisances can be reported via phone, email, or letter.  Our experienced staff of Registered Environmental Health Specialists can apply state and local regulations such as the New Jersey Housing Code and the Public Health Nuisance Code.  The names of complainants are held in strict confidence. The department does not accept any anonymous complaints.

Investigation Process

If a health nuisance is found during an investigation, Registered Environmental Health Specialists will work to resolve the problem and/or issue a legal Notice of Violation.  A court action may also be necessary if the nuisance is not abated. This department has established a cooperative program with the various municipal governments to aid in abatement of health nuisances.

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