Lead Screening

Childhood Lead Poisoning Programs
Whenever a child with a blood lead level of 20 micrograms per deciliter or greater is reported to the health department, the environmental health division will begin an inspection of the dwelling to determine the levels of lead in the paint as well as in any dust that may be present. The department maintains 2 certified lead inspectors on the staff to respond to these childhood lead poisonings. Whenever a dwelling has lead contaminated dust, lead contaminated paint or lead contaminated soil, notification is given to the responsible party to abate the condition. Follow up visits are conducted with the potential for legal action if abatement has not been completed.

Department Activity
This department currently visits from 5-10 dwellings a year. This department does not conduct lead evaluations of dwellings that are for sale. A list of private firms to conduct these inspections is available upon request.