Dennis Township

With a rich, historic past and a long history as a productive agricultural area, Dennis Township is the smallest of the 4 townships in Cape May County. Popular with nature enthusiasts, this area is home to Belleplain State Forest, the largest tract of woodlands found on the Jersey Cape.

Camping, hiking, biking and birding are just a few activities that bring visitors back to the area throughout the year.

Bordering the Delaware Bay, Dennis Township was a flourishing shipbuilding center from the early 1700's until 1901. The Great Cedar Swamp is also part of this township. The original industry in the township was cedar mining. Cedar logs were harvested and made into shingles for roof coverings. Cedar logs are still mined from the swamp today. Independence Hall in Philadelphia is currently covered with shingles from Dennis Township.

Outdoor Accommodations
The friendly, family communities that make up Dennis Township offer visitors great freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities as well as many wonderful full-service camping facilities. The thousands of acres of untouched natural areas are a source of pride for the residents of the township. Those looking for a peaceful and quiet getaway will appreciate the natural beauty of Dennis Township.
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