Hazardous Substances

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Emergency Response
The Cape May County Health Department responds to complaints from county residents, local and state agencies. Emergency Response Unit members respond to all hazardous material emergencies to assess environmental health threats, coordinate response actions and advise hazardous material response units accordingly.

The HazMat members investigate all complaints regarding hazardous material from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) citizens and local governmental agencies. These complaints consist of known or potential hazardous waste discharges. In the event of a violation, written reports are made to the NJDEP for enforcement actions. Examples of hazardous materials incidents include the following:
  • Carbon monoxide detectors being activated
  • Illegal discharge of hazardous materials from fuel tanks, chemical drums, etc.
  • Traffic accidents where fuel and fluids impact the soil and ground water
Hazardous material complaints can be registered in our office at 609-465-1209 during normal working hours. After hours, complaints should be reported to your local police department who will then contact us through our 24-hour emergency response communication system.