Septic Systems

Pursuant to the County Environmental Health Act (CEHA), the Environmental Services Department works closely with New Jersey Licensed Professional Engineers in the design and inspections of subsurface sewage disposal systems (septic systems).  This includes alternative design systems that may be required in certain areas of the County.  Permits are also issued for septic systems that are involved in home remodeling (additional bedrooms), commercial renovations (increases in daily flow), and real estate transactions with malfunctioning septic systems or those that are serviced by cesspools.


The Environmental Services Department also reviews proposed septic system plans for compliance with other regulatory jurisdictions, such as the Cape May County Planning Board, New Jersey Pinelands Commission, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Division of Land Use Regulation (for freshwater wetlands), Division of Coastal Regulation (for saltwater wetlands) and the Division of Water Quality (for Treatment Works Approvals).


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