Septic Systems

Chapter 9A Septic System Review (New Construction & Alterations)
The Environmental Planning Section works closely with the licensed sanitary inspectors in the Environmental Services Division in reviewing septic systems plans for compliance with Chapter 9A requirements. A representative from the Planning Section performs soil test pit witnesses prior to septic system plans being prepared by a New Jersey-licensed engineer. The soil witness gives the Health Department representative the opportunity to evaluate the soils for suitability for development with an on-site wastewater disposal system. Of primary concern to the Health Department staff is whether the subject site has water table or permeability restrictions that may lead to a septic system malfunction and/or environmental degradation if the septic system is not properly designed.

A complete copy of the Standards for Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems (PDF) (NJAC 7:9A) is available.

The Environmental Planning staff also reviews proposed septic system plans for compliance with other regulatory jurisdictions, such as the Cape May County Planning Board, Pinelands Commission, and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Divisions of Land Use Regulation (for freshwater wetlands), Division of Coastal Regulation (for saltwater wetlands) and the Division of Water Quality (for treatment works approvals).