Laundry Services

Keeping it Clean
In any health care facility, an efficient laundry system is a must for a clean and sanitary operation. Crest Haven is no exception. The Laundry Department operates from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day. Our trained staff is available to care for personal clothing as well as other items used in the operation of the facility.
Upon Arrival
When you arrive, the laundry department will mark your clothing to help ensure that it is returned to you after laundering. When soiled, your personal clothing is washed, dried, hung or folded, and is delivered and put into your drawers or closets daily.

New Clothing
It is very important that any clothing brought in after admission, also be marked so that the laundry staff is able to identify it and return it to its owner. If you are missing an article of clothing, let the nursing staff know so that they can locate it for you. Any clothing without a name will be included in the Lost and Found Bin.