Board of Taxation

Our mission is to administer our statutory duties in a manner that assures public confidence in the accuracy of values, the openness of our processes, and the intrinsic fairness of the property tax system, including:
  • To distribute all shared levies among the constituent communities in a fair and equitable manner
  • To ensure through competent supervision of and assistance to county assessors compliance with all statutes, rules, and standards of conduct and performance of their duties
  • To promptly comply with all legal requirements for processing assessment appeals to their just and equitable resolution
  • To provide accurate and current assessment data to our community
  • To secure the taxation of all property in the county of Cape May at its proscribed level so that it may bear a just and fair share of the tax burden
All customers shall be treated with respect and dignity and our conduct and endeavors will be guided by the principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Board Members

  • John A McCann, President
  • Elizabeth A. Barry, Vice President
  • James Cafiero, Jr.
  • John Snyder
  • LuAnn Wowkanech


  • Lori L. Rosell