Superintendent of Schools

Office of Education

The Cape May County Superintendent of Schools/Office of Education serves as a focal point of general support, oversight and routine communication between local districts and the New Jersey Department of Education. The County Office is lead by an Executive County Superintendent and a core staff, which includes an Executive County Business Official, ECBO, a County Education Specialist, CES, and a County Supervisor of Child Study, CSCS.

The Office provides services to local school districts in the areas of :
  • Budgeting/Finance
  • Operations and Facilities
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Special Education
  • Teacher Evaluation and Certification
  • Transportation
  • Monitoring and Compliance

Responsibilities of the County Office

  • Visit, examine, and exercise general supervision over all school districts located in the county in accordance with the rules prescribed from time to time by the State Board
  • Perform on-site evaluations of school districts every three years in accordance with the NJ Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC)
  • Assist Department divisions in securing required data
  • Promote administrative and operational efficiencies and cost savings within the school districts in the county while ensuring that the districts provide a thorough and efficient system of education
  • Provide technical assistance to school districts, boards of education and parents on a variety of topics; and support districts in responding to questions
  • Review and approve district budgets
  • Promote collaborative and shared services initiatives
  • Review and approve, according to standards adopted by the commissioner, all employment contracts for superintendents of schools, assistant superintendents of schools, and school business administrators in school districts within the county, prior to the execution of those contracts
  • Recommend to the commissioner that certain school districts be required to enter arrangements with one or more other school districts or educational services commissions for the consolidation of the district's administrative services
  • Conduct a monthly meeting with the chief school administrators as a means of keep a direct line of communication with the Commissioner, In addition, the Executive County Business Administrator, the County Supervisor of child Study, and the County Education Specialist also conduct monthly meetings for the purpose of communicating information from the Department of Education
  • Work closely with the County Board of Chosen Freeholders and various local and county social services agencies with respect to educational issues and initiatives
  • Serve as a member of the Board of Education for the Cape May County Technical Schools and the Board of Trustees of the Atlantic Cape County Community College.