Medical Reserve Corps


The Cape May County Medical Reserve Corps’ (MRC) mission is to establish a network of local volunteer medical and non-medical residents who can contribute their skills and expertise throughout the county to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies as well as assist with other Health Department initiatives to improve the health of the community.
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Our Plan

The Cape May County MRC enhances the county’s emergency preparedness efforts by ensuring that a trained group of healthcare professionals and community volunteers are ready to assist the county in response to a public health emergency.

In the event of a major disease outbreak, bio-terrorism incident, or natural disaster, the Cape May County Health Department, in conjunction with community partners, is preparing to open multiple Point of Dispensing (POD) sites throughout the county. These POD sites will serve to distribute medications or vaccinations to large segments of the county’s population.

MRC members, both clinical and non-clinical, will be key in staffing the POD sites. Non-clinical volunteers will perform administrative support roles such as registration, data entry, language translation, crowd control, and assisting with special needs residents. Clinical (medical) volunteers would be integrated with Health Department staff to conduct medically-appropriate tasks.

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