Document Fee Policy

Cash, Visa, and MasterCard (presented in person); personal and business checks as well as money orders in payment of services performed are acceptable, subject to the following restrictions:

  • All business checks must have a business phone number on the front of the check.
  • All checks in excess of $10,000 in the aggregate (this is violated if more than 1 check is used to avoid the requirement) must be a certified or bank official check.
  • All checks must bear a name, address and bank account number.
  • All personal checks must have a personal and business phone number on the front of the check.
  • Checks returned to this office unpaid by the bank will be subject to a $60 service charge.
  • No checks will be accepted after 60 days of issue date.
  • No checks will be accepted from a third party, other than a party involved in the transaction (e.g. seller, buyer, their attorneys, licensed title company or licensed financial institution).

This policy was recommended for statewide adoption by the Department of Community Affairs Division of Local Government Services with input by the County Chief Financial Officers and the County Clerks Section of the Constitutional Officers Association of New Jersey. This policy was made effective August 23, 2006.