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Add to the flavor of a Jersey Cape Vacation with Jersey Fresh Fruits and Vegetables!

More than just great beaches, the Jersey Cape is home to dozens of large productive farms that provide Jersey Fresh produce for stores, restaurants and farm stands throughout the country.  Spend some time driving along the rural mainland roads where you will readily see open fields of corn, tomatoes, peppers, melons squash, soy and more growing among the lush landscape.

Our rich but sandy soil and mild climate yields bountiful harvests Spring, Summer and Fall. A trip to the Jersey Cape is not complete without a visit to one of the many Farm Markets that offer a wide variety of fresh home-grown products.

Our local restaurants proudly feature fresh fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs grown on Cape May County farms. Don't go home without sampling some of our delicious corn, tomatoes, peppers, lima beans, melons, and other products. Remember our produce is "Jersey Fresh."
Summer and early fall are the perfect time to shop at our farmer's markets.  Fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally are picked when perfectly ripe and sold practically right off the vine. 

It's always nice to explore the many treasures found along the mainland communities of the Jersey Cape, be sure to stop at the roadside stands to get your fresh fruits and vegetables and local home made products.  Many resort towns offer farmer's markets that bring Jersey Fresh produce and products to the barrier islands for sale. 

Most resort Farmer's markets not only provide Jersey Fresh fruits and vegetables but you can also find local honey, flowers and homemade products and crafts, and some offer music and entertainment..  Make plans to visit a Jersey Cape Farmer's Market for a fun and educational experience.
Be sure to ask when making your purchase about special cooking and storage instructions for your fresh fruits and vegetables, our farmers are often the best source of information to ensure you are getting Jersey Fresh.
Farms & Farm Markets
Find a list of farm markets that sell Jersey Fresh farm products on the Jersey Shore.