Beaches at The Jersey Cape

More than 30 miles of beautiful beaches connect the ten resort communities of the Jersey Cape. 

From sunrises on the Atlantic Ocean to sunsets on the Delaware Bay, the sights, sounds and scents of the beach are with you forever --a souvenir of the soul.

The undeniable allure of the beach, more than anything else, has enticed visitors to The Jersey Cape for centuries. For generations, families return to their favorite beaches along Cape May County's thirty miles of coastline for fun filled days on our famous shores. 

Even with the myriad of attractions and activities that complement the beaches, it’s always the gentle thunder of crashing waves, the unique aroma of salt air, the feel of fine sugar sand, the sight of children splashing at the water’s edge, and the cool ocean breezes that temper the brilliant sunshine, that draw millions to Cape May County’s beaches year after year. After one visit to our beaches it's hard not to get 'sand in your shoes' and the desire to return again and again. 
From Ocean City south to Cape May Point, there is never a bad day on the beach. 

Cape May County is flanked on the east by some of the world’s best beaches.  Year after year, Jersey Cape beaches are ranks among the top in New Jersey and the nation.  And, perhaps the greatest thing about the area’s beaches is that their purposes are as varied as the people who enjoy them. 

Visitors gather each year to swim in the surf, play in the sand or catch up with friends and families after a long winter. The beach is a giant sandbox that shifts by the hour as the tides ebb and flow and the scenery changes along with it. It is home to shore birds and sand crabs and one of the largest natural habitats in the world.  Some come to the beach to be entertained by the dolphins that seemingly dance to the rhythm of the waves, others come for the serenity and unquenchable beauty of the natural surroundings.  The experience of the spectacular sunrises along the Atlantic Ocean are only rivaled by the incredible sunsets along the Delaware Bay.   Most importantly, those who come to the beaches of the Jersey Cape make new memories that last a life time. 
For some, a vacation means doing nothing more than laying in the sun and splashing in the ocean to cool off every now and then. For others, it’s constructing an elaborate sandcastle or taking a long walk at the water’s edge. Still others enjoy sitting in a chair where the water meets the sand and delving into the latest bestseller. Then there are those who spend all their time in the water - surfing, boogie boarding, swimming and body surfing.  

The beaches host many activities including movies on the beach at night, fireworks, runs and polar plunges.  There is no better place for Yoga and exercise than the beach. The Wildwood beach has been the home of the National Marbles Tournament for several decades and hosts the International Kite Festival each year.  Sand sculpting contests, hermit crab races and Zombie mud runs add to beach experience .  Lifeguard races, volley ball, bocce ball and surf tournaments all bring people to the beach of Cape May County.  There are even designated doggie beaches so Fido can join in the fun. 
Ocean beaches in each resort are lifeguard protected and open daily during the daytime hours from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Some beaches remain open through September on designated streets.  Be sure you are swimming in areas with life guards and follow their instructions, the waters can be dangerous for even the best swimmers. Our lifeguards are trained professionals and are there for the protection of all beach goers.

Please don't swim after hours and follow all beach rules for your safety and enjoyment of everyone.  Bay beaches do not have lifeguards and can also be dangerous.  Be mindful of the dangers of swimming without lifeguards and never swim alone.

All Cape May County bathing beaches are monitored and tested regularly by the Cape May County Health Department under the guidelines of the State of New Jersey.  Testing is for dangerous bacteria that can develop in outfall lines, especially after high heat and heavy rains.  In the event of a beach closings, signs will be posted and that particular bathing area is restricted until they are determined to be safe.   

This is for your safety and protection and we apologize for any inconvenience.  Be assured that your health is our  highest concern and remember that areas outside of the restricted zones are safe and open for your enjoyment. 

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