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Sep 23

Fall for the Jersey Cape

Posted on September 23, 2015 at 12:33 PM by Rachael Cox

The days may be a bit shorter but that big beautiful ocean is still delightfully warm.  Ok, so the sun sets in early evening, but parking is less of a hassle. Reservations at your favorite restaurant are easier to book --and you might even snag a great mid-week deal at a quaint bed and breakfast or oceanfront hotel.

That pretty much sums up September and October on the Jersey Cape.  Families are back home, kids are in school and there’s a collective sigh that resonates from Cape May Point to Ocean City as the shore settles into what many people consider the best season of all. But, don’t be lulled into thinking this is the “quiet” season  -- it’s anything but quiet with festivals and fishing, golf and kayaking, birds and butterflies, music and  theater – definitely time to fall for the Jersey Cape.

Savor September in Stone Harbor with a food, wine, microbrews, art and more, perhaps after you enjoy the Summer Shop Hop in nearby Avalon. 

We know everyone is Irish on March 17th -- and everyone is Irish at the Irish Fall Festival in No. Wildwood with dancing, music, pipe exhibitions and a parade – something the town is famous for throughout the year!  Or, wear your green to Sea Isle City --an Irish vendor market, live music and perhaps a sip of Guinness.

Dragon boats in Cape May Harbor?  Don’t miss the colorful Chinese longboats with 20 rowers and a drummer who sets the pace. Teams have catchy names, usually with costumes to match. 

Amazing food – from trucks?  You bet!  It’s the Food Truck Festival weekend in Sea Isle City with the best food trucks in the Northeast tempting you with a wide variety of cuisines – who knew!  

As September slides into October many of our feathered friends prepare to migrate south to their winter home. Cape May County is in the heart of the Atlantic Flyway as thousands – actually make that millions – of birds fill the skies with sights that have to be seen to be believed.

Ever tag a Monarch butterfly?  For over 25 years the Cape May Bird Observatory has monitored and tracked these beautiful creatures that winter in Mexico. Watch how a butterfly is tagged – or even do it yourself -at Cape May Point State Park.  

Grab your poodle skirt – hopefully it still fits! – and turn the clock back to those Fabulous Fifties in the Wildwoods for Bowzer’s Rock N’ Roll Party, hosted by none other than Bowzer himself.  The Saturday concert at the Convention Center features an amazing lineup - Freddy Boom Boom Cannon, The Legendary Teenagers, The Vogues, The Chiffons and Jay Siegal’s Tokens.  Just the mention of that name and everyone starts humming “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” 

Ever thought of being a queen?  Every year the lowly lima bean has its day in the sun – actually in Wilbraham Park – with endless lima bean-themed things – including a queen.  Who knows – this year you could reign over the Lima Bean Festival.

Speaking of queens, when Victoria ruled centuries ago in England she gave her name to a style of architecture that has endured in Cape May since the late 1800s – colorful, ornate and dripping with gingerbread details.  For 10 days, the resort’s architecture and history take center stage with tours, teas, dances, horse and carriage rides and more. 

There’s a good reason we call this our “boomerang season” -- we know you’ll be back for another visit!  For more events and details visit