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Jan 19

Seashore Chic For Your Home: Cape May Design Tips

Posted on January 19, 2016 at 8:58 AM by Rachael Cox

Whether you have a cottage at the beach or an urban apartment, it is possible to turn your home into the style of a waterfront oasis like the ones you find in Cape May County and along the New Jersey beaches. Any space has potential to become a nautical paradise with a few essential items and a visionary mind. Here are some tips to renovate your home into a whimsical seashore chic space.


1. Before taking that first step toward decorating your home, think about what you love the most about the shore lifestyle. Is it the powder blue skies, the lemony sunshine or the champagne-colored sand? Develop a color palette using your few favorite colors. Once you’ve selected your colors, coordinate all of your furniture, pictures and houseware to be the same shade on your palette. Adding yellow, blue or green will give your rooms a touch of summer.


2. Start with the easy challenges. Give your bedroom a fresh update using new linens with sea shore motifs like shells or palm trees. Bathrooms are easily fixed up with a few fluffy towels (within your color schemes) edged with seashells, a matching shower curtain and counter accessories. Accommodate your bathroom with hanging hand towels that match your existing decor. For sensory perks, make sure all your soaps and candles are “Sand Dunes” or “Beach Walk” scented to trick your nose into believing you’re truly showering at the beach.


3. A major part of the seashore lifestyle is an open, airy feeling of the ocean breeze wafting into your room. White or sheer curtains are a great way to let natural lights enter your home to make your space feel brighter. If you have a patio or balcony, invest in wicker chairs with nautical cushions and a wicker coffee table with glass-top. For DIY projects, collect some beautiful sea shells during your next beach visit. Once you’ve stocked up an impressive collection, purchase several glass vases and bags of ocean-colored marbles. Place the marbles inside the vase before topping it off with your carefully selected sea shells and you’ll end up with fantastic decor to scatter throughout your home.


4. For decades, artists and photographers have been flocking to Cape May County for creative inspiration. When in the area, scan for local craft shows, boutiques or galleries to acquire the perfect centerpiece for your home. Within the historic district, it’s common to find artworks such as scenic landscape paintings or abstract beach photos that will compliment your decor, color schemes and personal taste. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some potted palms and smaller seaside plants to add a natural green touch to remind you of summer.


5. Your kitchen should be outfitted with pretty shell dishes, silverwares and glasses. Tea towels embroidered with images of lighthouses or crabs will be a great way to turn your kitchen into a fun space. Don’t forget to attach a calendar with great upcoming local beach events on your fridge. Finally, frame your beach vacation photos to display on shelves and buy large coffee-table books with gorgeous images of the sandy shores to make great conversation pieces.