How do I use Fare-Free Transportation?
Riders must have an identification card to use the Fare-Free vehicles. Please call the office at 609-889-3700. A call-taker will ask you the necessary information and assign you a ridership ID number (your card will be mailed to you). Please have this number handy every time you call Fare-Free to make an appointment.

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1. What is Fare-Free Transportation?
2. Who is eligible to ride Fare-Free Transportation?
3. How do I use Fare-Free Transportation?
4. What services are available to me?
5. Do you provide transportation to facilities/doctors outside of Cape May County?
6. Do I need a reservation and if so, how do I make one?
7. What if I am in a wheelchair?
8. What if I need to change or cancel my reservations?
9. Will I get to my appointment on time?
10. What if there is bad weather?