What services are available to me?
Transportation is provided for almost any purpose as long as we travel to your location and we have room on the vehicle. Some purposes include dialysis; physical, speech, and occupational therapy; non-emergency medical appointments; employment; nutritional sites; personal business (bank, hairdresser, etc.); and shopping.

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1. What is Fare-Free Transportation?
2. Who is eligible to ride Fare-Free Transportation?
3. How do I use Fare-Free Transportation?
4. What services are available to me?
5. Do you provide transportation to facilities/doctors outside of Cape May County?
6. Do I need a reservation and if so, how do I make one?
7. What if I am in a wheelchair?
8. What if I need to change or cancel my reservations?
9. Will I get to my appointment on time?
10. What if there is bad weather?