How can we reopen when people are still getting sick?

Any reopening of the County will be guided by health care data, Covid-19 trends, and best practices.  Important protocols will be in place such as those being followed now with masks and social distancing.  And special precautions will be taken to protect Seniors and others who are most vulnerable.  Unfortunately, the virus will be with us for some time.  We will all need to take these precautions very seriously to dampen the spread and make sure our health care facilities can effectively care for anyone who needs medical help.  We have suffered the tragic loss of some of our neighbors and this is hard on our close-knit community.  Fortunately, for most people who contract the disease it is unlikely that they will face hospitalization or the risk of dying.  

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1. Is this the plan to reopen the County?
2. Can the County do these things without the permission of the Governor?
3. How can we reopen when people are still getting sick?
4. What might happen to our economy if we can’t reopen the County?
5. So, when will we be open?
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